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My cup is full

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August 15th, 2004

02:12 am - CALIFORN-I-A
HOOOOOOOOOOOOME after a long 5 hours in the car, only 30 mins of it sleeping, I AM HOME! And now, I shall pass out in my bed, much anticipation for this by the way. I miss you all so much already. Gosh darn it. I love you all and woooooo I will be back in Arizona before you know it. Short trip, but we will make the best out of it. xoxo
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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August 14th, 2004

06:29 pm - Another hour or so and GOODBYE ARIZONA
Soooo. Home I am going today. A week earlier, but its a needed thing. Im definitely homesick and depressed. Its for the best....

I would like to take a brief moment to reflect on my summer, my last summer, in Arizona. Its been incredible. At times, yes I admitt to complaining about no parties or nothing to do, but in the end it came out on top of all the others! I have gained so many awesome friendships and to know I have to leave them makes me so scared because the only thing that could be worse is the worry about losing those awesome people that have touched your life in so many ways! My mom always says Ill get new friends in college, but honestly. I love the ones I got! I wish I could stay!

Adam-Havent known you long but you are truely amazing. Im glad that you FINALLY added me to your friends list, I feel special now. haha. Thank you for letting me cry to you today. And it sucks that I have to leave. No last final parties, but hey, Ill be back soon and we better party it up then! Im glad I can talk to you and you can talk to me also! And remember, visit anytime. Hell show up at my front door thatd be a nice surprise! Ill see you soon! Ill cherish this new friendship!

Chelsea-Wow! I suck at goodbyes and you my dear friend are the last one to see me off. Feel special, lol. I love you!!!!!!!!! And Im coming back soon! I wont break my promise. You are so incredible and god if we lose touch Im gonna cry! And there has been way too much crying already today, so please. Dont let that happen to us! Its okay about last night. I was overwhelemed and I think it was just the breaking point of me needing to go home. I was vonerable. I am vonerable. I am ALWAYS here for you! Like the times weve sat up in your room at 4 am crying and talking about guys and family and friends. You can call me anytime. My doors are open (of my house, and heart of course) for you! I love you babe! Edgefest is going to be great, you better get it off, thats how Im ending that. :)

Katie-Babe, babe, babe! Im sorry that we kind of ended on a bad note, but dont let that get in the way of our friendship. Because I love you. I hope you know that. I love you more than anything. Things just have been tough and they finally got to us. And hey! We lasted longer than most people did I think! So lets give a high five to that one. I will always miss our little times together though! Me messing with you just to annoy you, you beating me badly at pool, tanning for short very short amounts of time, taking baths together haha not on purpouse though... all the little things that we would do together I will miss them. But in CALIF. we are going to have a great time! And Im looking forward to it! Were visiting each other all the time, and promise to that. WE wont fall apart. Cuz for gods sake! Im holding on with all my might! I love you girl! I love your family, tell them all bye for me and thank you, and thank you for all the times I never did say thank you, for everything!

Michelle-We barely had time together but the times we did were fun! One day we will go see DMX's house. Lets make that our life goal. And you are a pro alcohol shopper let me tell you! (Im glad you figured out that the sensor sound was going off because of us in the alcohol isle! It was starting to creep me out.) I wish that we had more time together but there is so much that lies ahead of us. I better see you! Visits are a must! They really are. You are a really awesome person! Just sucks that we met so late in the end. Good luck with the roommate :) ...

I love everyone of you guys! Be safe, dont have to much sex, and have a great rest of the summer! Ill see you guys in a month!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO. I better go before I start crying again! lol. Bye all, keep reading for new updates in California. -Erin- ((NaSaO))

----I am sad to leave the ones I love, but I am also so happy for the times we have shared together. They will always stay with me.----
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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11:25 am - Just another day in this lonely world ... Staring : ME
I thought I was really sad to leave, but I was definitely wrong! I cant wait to leave. I cant take it all anymore. I feel abanonded by most of my friends, I miss my mom more than ever right now, and to top it all of I am in the worst pain right now and my bed is the only thing that sounds anywhat decent! So, you may ask where did all this disappointment come from? Last night, I say. So Amber me and Bri decided that were just gonna go drinking at her sisters house. Amber backs out so me and Bri just go to dinner. And we hear of this 3 keg party by McClintock. So of course were gonna go! But first we stop at the hooka bar. So on our way to the party, it was a pretty good party, except a. hope was there and she tried to start drama by calling me a slut but I just let it go. and b. while two of the people went to get the keg filled, they both got dui's. So the party kind of came to a screaming hault and we went back to Bris house. Little to know her parents are back home from the concert and steaming with anger! I was suppose to spend the night there by the way. So her mom is mad and I should leave. I do. With no where to go! But hey! I call my friends because thats what friends are there for! If you need something they should lend you something, right? Yeah not my friends. I just dont understand? Maybe I just give to much and expect too much back from my friends? Or maybe they just dont think like I do. Whatever it is, it let me down. Anyway back to the story. So since none of my trusty friends came through, I ended up sleeping in my car. And than it got super hot so I just sat in my car waiting for it to be morning and have someone let me into the house. And than I finally get inside around 4 am and pass out only to wake up to the worst cramps ever! I just want someone next to me that cares, like my mom. She always takes care of me when I have really bad cramps but shes not here. :*( To be home. Id only give my whole life away right now. Maybe just going to my grandparents the rest of the time will help me, at least be with family. (Yes I feel the advil start to kick in, sweetness!)

Sometimes, the people you least expect to come through, come through. And I tell you, those are the ones that you should keep by yourside and are true friends.

So whats on the agenda today? NOTHING! Getting myself just more depressed as I lay in pain attempting to fall asleep.
Current Mood: sicksick

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August 13th, 2004

05:32 pm
Count down - 8 days

I am getting so excited to go home now.
I can tell my mom is starting to really miss me being around. But shell be happy she had all this time away from me.
Im sure my complaining and asking her to do everything for me will get on her nerves in about lets give it 3 days.

Last night Katie Nohemi and I went to YC's and kicked it at Mikeys.
Nothing big.
But looks like Mikey got a new girl, this is interesting. Shes a really nice girl though, hope all goes well for them.
Well all got tired so we deiceded to leave.
We bought a 30 pack last night and never finished it so were gonna try to cell it to Ryan and his little friends.
Im sure it will be a success.

I have the biggest crush on this kid now.
Things like this always happen to me.
Bad timing.
I mean, right before I move away I actually find someone that is worth putting time into?
Oh well, just wish me luck in California.

And if I ever give anyone advice it is this:
If you find a fork in the road, take it!
Current Mood: coldcold

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August 12th, 2004

05:28 pm - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Really going to miss the good times. There better be a lot of visiting going on!!! Never forger random boat rides and wanting to go to DMX's house. Random bathroom visits and playing pool at Mikeys. They will all be missed so much Haaa. Like I said. Never forget! Nights like this are just memories! Mmm. Oh so sweet memories!

I love you girls! And everyone I have gotton close to lately! I hope to see you all in California. Great visits. Great trips to TJ or just to sandeigo walking the boardwalk compeltely drunk!

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05:25 pm
Lets go to the river on Monday!
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Scott Harter

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03:12 pm - Nine Days and Counting
So I have nine more days of living in this wonderful state of Arizona. It will be different going back to my house, with my own bed, and my own parents, and my own bathroom. And than little Maddie running around, the ball of energy she is. I feel like in nine days Ill be let into this world that Im not really ready to live in. I get all these questions in my head when I think about moving. Seriously, am I ever gonna see all these people again. I hope so. I love these kids out here! Who knows if anyone in California can compare.

But Im definitely coming back out for Edgefest! Lets get a big group to go! :D It will be so much fun. Aug 17-19. Yeah!

So last night movie night kinda failed, but its okay. Some of us actually watched Grind all the way though. It was better the first time.
(Chelsea I dont think you acomplished your mission, but its okay neither did I. Someone is standing in the way, Ill have to knock them down like Im a bulldozer. Just like when Im driving Nohemis dads truck... anyway)

Whats on for tonight? Lets just order pizza and buy ice cream since we never got to that last night!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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August 10th, 2004

03:07 pm
The night finally came! Pros and Hoes. It was good. Chelsea looked the best, well I really dont remember seeing much of anyone else. Im sure I saw a lot of people but I just dont recall. lol. yeah! NOT drinking the rest of my time here! And wow, Im embarressed. Me yelling at everyone saying random shit. Woah. And the fact that my ankle hurts so bad and I lost my phone and I have a green smiley face on my leg doesnt help any. Hm. Im gonna supervise any future parties in the next 11 days. Thats another thing though. I dont care what anyone thinks about last night because Im leaving in 11 days and its not like Ill make anymore scences like that in those few days. Im excited for Cali. Im excited for school! A new start! :)

Califonia here I come!
Current Mood: hung over

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10:56 am
Current Mood: drunkdrunk

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August 8th, 2004

08:38 pm
Napoleon Dynomite! Again! Again! So thats the plan tonight. Im excited. I love this movie. I mean, faded bowling could still be the option, but I rather see Nappa D anyday! Im gonna marry someone like him. Haha! And than Ill have so many cool relatives like Kip and Lafonda (is that spelt right), and MAN... uncle rico! Hes my favorite! HELLLLLLLLLO! Just waitin for chels to come get me now. :D
Current Mood: ditzyditzy

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